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Textile,״,,ʡչ,ѡ,Ҩٵ,cotton32,cotton20,TC,TK,blank tshirt,polo,screen
We have fctory for textile, making material, like Cotton32 (cotton 100%) comb, Cotton32 (cotton 100%) semi, Cotton20,TK34,TC34 and so on. We offer for many garment factories, and we export also, like Euro, Japan, American ect. We offer more than 80 colours, and we can make order for your colour that you supply.
Blank T-shirt,״,,ʡչ,ѡ,Ҩٵ,cotton32,cotton20,TC,TK,blank tshirt,polo,screen
We make blank t-shirt also. We offer more material and colours for you. Because we have factory to make material, and another factory to make t-shirt, so the price can be against with others competitor. We can compare the quality, price, time of making, service to other competitors. Welcome to contact us anytime. We offer screen and embroider for your design, or design for you.
Price of Blank T-shirt Round Neck & V-Neck
S 32'' 25'' 50
M 36'' 27'' 60
L 40'' 29'' 65
XL 44'' 31'' 75
2XL 48'' 32'' 90
3XL 50'' 33'' 130
4XL 52'' 34'' 145

Cotton 100% 32:Soffer than cotton 20, and thin a little, but it comfortable, used for bland T-shirt.

Price of Children T-shirt



10 22"/16" 2Years 35
12 26"/18" 3Years 40
14 28"/20" 4-5Years 45
15 30"/22" 6-7Years 50
Polo,״,,ʡչ,ѡ,Ҩٵ,cotton32,cotton20,TC,TK,blank tshirt,polo,screen
For polo shirt, we offer more pattern for you select. You can choose comfortable polo shirt or cheap one. More material, and more colour, you have more choices. Our excellent work can save your time. We can make polo shirt that you design. ,״,,ʡչ,ѡ,Ҩٵ,cotton32,cotton20,TC,TK,blank tshirt,polo,screen
Price of Polo


S 38'' 27" 120
M 40" 28" 120
L 42" 29" 120
XL 44" 30" 120


31" 150
Screen,״,,ʡչ,ѡ,Ҩٵ,cotton32,cotton20,TC,TK,blank tshirt,polo,screen
We screen for t-shirt, polo, jaket, pants and so on. For the price, it depend on the amount of colour, and how large of the picture take. We can design for what you want, or screen what you offer.
Embroider,״,,ʡչ,ѡ,Ҩٵ,cotton32,cotton20,TC,TK,blank tshirt,polo,screen

The machine to embroider t-shirt, polo shirt, jacket, pants are quickly. We offer service include design and embroider. ,״,,ʡչ,ѡ,Ҩٵ,cotton32,cotton20,TC,TK,blank tshirt,polo,screen

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